A video reportedly exhibiting the existence of a Homo Piscis fish goes insanely viral on social media, and everybody’s curious to know extra about it. Not too long ago, a YouTuber shared the video in regards to the viral fish, making many imagine it. However right here’s what we find out about its actuality.

Learn on to be taught extra a few video that has gone viral, claiming the existence of a surprising Homo Piscis fish.

Video of a surprising Homo Piscis fish goes viral

The web is a hub for a number of viral movies and pictures that include surprising claims. As soon as once more, we now have discovered one such viral video on the web that claims the existence of a surprising kind of fish. The viral video is a few “Homo Piscis” fish.

The video of Homo Piscis was shared by YouTuber Headtap Movies, claiming that this distinctive kind of fish was discovered in Lake Samsara in Karanji. The looks of the fish is what’s making it go viral everywhere in the web.

What’s the viral video of Homo Piscis all about?

The viral video shared on the web by a YouTuber claims the existence of a Homo Piscis in Lake Samsara in Karanji. The video exhibits a fish with a human-like face, turning into the rationale for its viral look.

The video sharing about the identical stated in it “Right here in the depths of Samsara swim a novel species of fish, a species that bears an eerie resemblance to our personal variety. They’ve been named as Homo Piscis, or human-confronted fish….these aquatic denizens have proven proof of intelligence far superior for his or her variety”.

Screenshot by way of YouTube@Headtap_videos

Is the Homo Piscis fish going viral actual?

Whereas the video claiming the existence of the Homo Piscis fish could have gone viral on the web, making many curious to know if the viral fish is certainly actual or not, the fact is way from what has been claimed in the video. Homo Piscis fish don’t exist in actuality.

The truth is, there isn’t a existence of Lake Samsara and Karanji as claimed by the video the place the Homo Piscis was reported to be discovered. Due to this fact, we will assume that the viral Homo Piscis photographs or movies have been really AI-generated. To not be ignored, there have been a number of AI-generated photographs and movies tricking customers on social media these days.

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