In a story straight out of a gripping Hollywood film, a Thai airline pilot stepped up to the plate because the heroic Bruce Willis/John McClane-type protagonist to deliver a baby after a pregnant mom went into labour on a flight from Taiwan to Bangkok.

The brave Thai pilot, Jakarin Sararnrakskul, reportedly lacked medical coaching past fundamental first help however he took to his new position as a midwife like a duck to water, to deliver a wonderful baby boy

With almost 20 years of piloting expertise, Jakarin was on the helm of a four-hour VietJet Airbus A320 flight from Taipei to Bangkok on Friday, February 23, when the emergency unfolded. Responding to the cabin crew’s alert, he left the cockpit, leaving his feminine co-pilot to navigate the plane, and rushed to help the lady in Labour.

Upon reaching her aspect, Jakarin discovered the lady in energetic labour. Regardless of by no means having delivered a baby in his 18 years as a pilot, he efficiently delivered the kid whereas the aircraft remained hundreds of ft within the air.

Paramedics awaited the plane upon its arrival in Bangkok, Thailand, making certain the security and well being of each mom and baby.

Reflecting on the extraordinary occasion, Sararnrakskul expressed pleasure in his means to carry a brand new life into the world, delighting keen reporters with the heartwarming end result.

“He might be ready to inform everybody for the remainder of his life that he was born within the air.

“I really feel so proud that I might assist to carry him into the world.”

Sararnrakskul talked about that the crew affectionately dubbed the baby “Sky” in recognition of his dramatic and tumultuous beginning onboard the plane, reported Yahoo.

The pilot didn’t disclose whether or not he possessed any medical {qualifications} or background.

Image of Jakarin Sararnrakskul and his cabin crew courtesy of Reuters

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