Usually, how to thread a sewing machine varies relying on the sewing machine sort. On this subject, we’ll focus on on “how to thread a singer sewing machine“.

Singer is a fashionable trade with completely different model of machine together with the singer sewing machine. Under is the step on how to thread a singer sewing machine.

Basic Threading

-All the time, all the time increase the presser foot lifter earlier than you begin threading the machine.

– Be sure that the thread is correctly positioned within the take-up lever of the machine.

– Use a spool cap to assist stop the thread from getting caught on any irregularities that could be on the thread spool itself. In case your machine mannequin comes with a number of sizes of spool caps, use the spool cap that most nearly fits the scale of the thread spool getting used.

– Just be sure you are utilizing the right measurement and elegance of the needle for the material you’re sewing. The incorrect measurement or type of needle could cause your thread to shred or break.

Computerized Needle Threader

– Increase needle to its highest place by rotating the handwheel towards you.

– Hook thread below thread guide.

– and pull down the needle threader all the best way. Move thread into hook.

– Launch threader to pull loop by means of the attention of needle. Pull thread by means of fully.

SwiftSmart Threading

_Be positive to increase the presser foot lifter and lift the needle to its highest place earlier than threading.

  • Thread the machine along with your left hand whereas gripping the thread along with your proper hand. Hook thread to the thread information on the needle bar and pull it towards you leaving about 4” (10 cm) clear.
  • Hook thread to the dual thread information (A and B).
  • Pull thread gently into the thread cutter/holder to reduce and maintain it in place. Don’t pull thread with robust drive or thread could also be pulled off from needle gap after threading.
  • Pull down the threading lever to its lowest place till the dual thread information rotates and stops. Be sure that the information doesn’t contact cloth, and so forth.
  • Launch the threading lever and needle might be threaded mechanically. If the threading lever mustn’t return to the unique place, increase it gently by hand.
  • Pull thread loop away from you. If the needle has not been threaded appropriately, rethread from step 1.

NOTE: For easy threading, it’s endorsed that the machine is ready for straight sew (in heart needle place) when utilizing the automated needle threader. A heavy thread can’t be threaded by means of a high-quality needle. Don’t decrease the threading lever whereas the machine is in operation or the threading hook could also be damaged.

IMPORTANT: If the needle can’t be threaded due to the character of thread, manually thread the needle after hooking thread to the thread information on the needle bar.