Brother Panic was a outstanding determine in the metaphysical and occult group.

He was referred to as an occult trainer, lecturer, and metaphysical skilled who shared his information via web radio lectures for about seven years.

Brother Panic was married to Khadijah Samedi, who’s an oracle reader specializing in occult readings and religious consultations.

His teachings centered on matters like Occult Science, Esoteric teachings and Metaphysics.

Brother Panic’s passing led to an outpouring of tributes from those that valued his contributions to the area.

His work and lectures have left an enduring affect on his followers and the broader group desirous about metaphysical and occult research.

Brother Panic’s background in occultism

Brother Panic was a widely known metaphysical and occult trainer who devoted seven years to lecturing on these topics via web radio.

His background in occultism concerned teachings on Occult Science, Esoteric information and Metaphysics, aiming to coach and enlighten his viewers.

Brother Panic’s work and lectures have left a big affect on these desirous about the occult and metaphysical realms.

His contributions have been acknowledged by many in the group, reflecting his deep understanding and experience in these areas.

Reason behind demise

The reason for Brother Panic’s demise stays undisclosed.

Whereas the date of his passing is unclear, Panic’s final video on Instagram was posted on September 1, 2023, the place he gave the impression to be in nice spirits, answering follower’s questions associated to the occult.

His demise was confirmed by his former co-host, Asaru Alim El-Bey, who wrote;

“Grand rising to the fam! We now have acquired phrase that Bro. Panic has transitioned/remodeled! A lot like to my former co-host. Could he be that severe pressure on the astral airplane(s) as a result of, he undoubtedly was a severe pressure right here on earth.”

Brother Panic PHOTO/X, previously Twitter


Occultism is a time period that encompasses a broad vary of beliefs and practices associated to the supernatural or supernormal.

It’s typically related to esoteric information and practices that aren’t sometimes a part of organized faith.

The phrase “occult” is derived from the Latin phrase “occultus,” which suggests hidden or hid.

In the context of occultism, the time period refers to the perception in or research of the motion or affect of supernatural or supernormal powers.

This may embody the apply of magic, astrology, alchemy, divination, and different types of esoteric information.

Occultism typically includes the pursuit of hidden or secret information and the exploration of religious or mystical experiences.

Traditionally, occultism has been related to varied religious and philosophical traditions, together with Hermeticism, Neoplatonism and Gnosticism.

It has additionally been influenced by the works of authors comparable to Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky and Manly P. Corridor.

Widespread practices in occultism

Some widespread practices in occultism embody astrology, alchemy, magic, divination, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, tarot readings, crystal therapeutic and astral projection.

These practices embody a variety of beliefs and rituals aimed toward exploring the supernatural or supernormal features of existence.

Every apply provides distinctive insights and strategies for understanding the hidden or esoteric features of the universe and one’s personal religious journey.

The variety inside occult practices displays the wealthy tapestry of beliefs and traditions which have advanced over centuries in the pursuit of hidden information and religious enlightenment.