Common political Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” not too long ago discovered himself at the middle of controversy involving fellow streamer xQc. The incident unfolded on January 22, 2024, when xQc reviewed a video containing an unrelated clip of Hasan, sparking discussions and reactions inside the Twitch neighborhood.

In the course of the overview, xQc’s response to the video went viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, changing into a trending subject. HasanAbi later addressed the scenario, referring to it as “manufactured drama.”

HasanAbi’s View on Declining Viewership:

HasanAbi touched on a broader situation of declining viewership throughout Twitch, attributing it to a altering panorama the place a brand new wave of content material creators is gaining traction, notably these discovering success on TikTok. He used xQc for instance, suggesting that established creators, or the “outdated guards,” are grappling with frustration and panic amid this shift.

HasanAbi delved into his long-standing feud with xQc, describing it as a three-year saga the place the phrase “Fokay Hasan” was steadily employed. He asserted that the fixed use of this narrative had diminished its impression, stating, “You pulled the ‘F

okay Hasan’ ripcord too many occasions, and you sucked me dry.” HasanAbi instructed that this tactic was not as efficient as a result of he not had the identical viewers as a consequence of its overuse.

HasanAbi’s Response to Editor’s Actions:

Throughout his livestream, HasanAbi additionally addressed a separate situation involving his video editor, who had inserted an unrelated clip into considered one of his YouTube movies with out correct context. HasanAbi expressed disapproval, stating that his editor mustn’t have added the clip and ought to have clarified its nature.

Followers Reactions:

The drama between HasanAbi and xQc prompted varied reactions from followers on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Feedback ranged from speculations concerning the longevity of the battle to opinions on HasanAbi’s method to dealing with the scenario.

Predictions of Unity: Some followers speculated that the animosity between HasanAbi and xQc may ultimately dissipate, envisioning a situation the place the 2 streamers would collaborate or share optimistic moments.

Critique of Hasan’s Accountability: Others criticized HasanAbi, suggesting that he tends to keep away from taking accountability and usually attributes points to conspiracies.

Combined Views on the Controversy: Fan opinions on the controversy had been numerous, with some viewing it as a real dispute and others dismissing it as manufactured drama.

The continued drama between HasanAbi and xQc has ignited discussions inside the Twitch neighborhood, shedding mild on the evolving dynamics of the platform, content material creation, and the challenges confronted by established streamers in an ever-changing panorama. Because the scenario continues to unfold, viewers stay engaged and curious concerning the future developments on this on-line saga.

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