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Undercover investigators have leaked a video and stunning photographs that uncover the horrifying fact behind Thailand’s reptile farms, which provide main vogue brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton.

The footage reveals a grim actuality of snakes being mercilessly slaughtered by farm employees wielding hammers, questioning the ethics of vogue brands.

In a disturbing sequence, employees are seen relentlessly placing pythons on the top with hammers, a technique deemed barbaric by specialists, as it might not even render the snakes unconscious. Subsequently, steel hooks are pushed by way of their heads, adopted by a chilling course of of pumping them with water to facilitate pores and skin removing.

The cruelty extends to the Phokkathara Crocodile Farm, which caters to Kering brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Undercover investigators from animal rights group PETA captured footage depicting reptiles being subjected to stunning and agonising strategies of slaughter.

Owned by a father and son, CCBI and Si Satchanalai admitted to supplying leather-based to Caravel, a tannery underneath Kering, and to luxurious vogue model Louis Vuitton. The farms, housing a staggering 15,000 pythons, reportedly slaughter up to 30 snakes every day throughout peak seasons to meet contractual obligations.

The snakes endure appalling situations, confined to naked cages and containers, usually residing amidst their very own excrement. Breeding seasons witness deadly clashes amongst snakes, with homeowners callously advocating the disposal of weaker specimens.

Famend reptile professional Clifford Warwick, after reviewing the footage, expressed issues that the snakes may stay aware all through their agonising demise. Shockingly, many snakes have been noticed exhibiting motion even after supposed deadly procedures.

The cruelty doesn’t cease at snakes; crocodiles on the farm face a equally grim destiny. PETA condemned the nape stab methodology employed to sever spinal cords, ensuing in excruciatingly sluggish deaths.

Regardless of Kering’s purported animal welfare requirements, the grim actuality uncovered by PETA’s investigation starkly contrasts with the luxurious conglomerate’s claims. The Python Conservation Partnership, initiated by Kering, geared toward bettering sustainability and animal welfare, seems to have fallen quick of its aims.

With roughly 500,000 snake skins imported into Europe yearly from Southeast Asia, the dimensions of the problem is staggering, reported UK Each day Mail.

Kering and Louis Vuitton’s mother or father firm LVMH have been reached for remark however remained silent on the matter, leaving customers questioning the ethics behind their luxurious purchases.

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