Photograph courtesy of KhaoSod

Residents of a Phetchabun village are in misery as a result of pervasive smoke from charcoal manufacturing, causing health hazards.

Amid picturesque winter fog-like scenes captured in photographs, lies a dire state of affairs for the villagers of Moo 10, Phadaeng, who discover themselves unable to breathe simply as a result of thick smoke from quite a few charcoal burners working within the space. The problem, primarily occurring at evening and persevering with till morning, has sparked complaints and requires pressing motion.

Nisachol Sathity, a resident of Moo 10 within the Salalai sub-district of the Chon Daen district, shared her plight on Fb, expressing the neighborhood’s struggling. She highlighted the sleepless nights, sore throats, and the incessant crying of kids unable to sleep as a result of smoke. Her put up, accompanied by drone photographs of the village shrouded in smoke, urged related authorities to handle the issue.

The charcoal burning within the village isn’t for family use however is a business trade, with charcoal being offered and distributed on a bigger scale. This has considerably elevated the quantity of smoke and odor, severely affecting close by residents, particularly throughout the evening. The smoke, which tends to hover low, has made it inconceivable for villagers to depart their home windows open, exacerbating the state of affairs.

Health implications are substantial, with the smoke affecting the respiratory system and causing irritation within the nasal passages and chest. The pervasive odor permeates houses, lingering on bedding and clothes, and stays trapped inside homes, even these with well-sealed ceilings. Makes an attempt to mitigate the problem, resembling buying air purifiers, have proved ineffective because the smoke continues to envelop the outside of the houses all through the evening, reported KhaoSod.

Locals have reported the problem to native authorities, who’ve responded by instructing the charcoal producers to erect black nets across the burners; nevertheless, these measures have failed to stop the smoke and odour from spreading. The neighborhood’s plea to the provincial environmental authorities is for a radical examination and resolution to the problem, because the long-term health penalties for the village’s future generations are a big concern.

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