Dinosaurs have at all times fascinated us with their colossal sizes and distinctive options. Among the many myriad of dinosaur species, one stands out for its dental abundance – the Nigersaurus. Unearthed from the depths of the Sahara Desert, this peculiar herbivore boasted an astounding 500 enamel.

500 Teeth Dinosaur Title

500 Teeth Dinosaur Title: The Nigersaurus

An unorthodox herbivore, Nigersaurus grazed the Sahara Desert round 110 million years in the past. With a size of over 29 ft and a weight of roughly 4.4 tons, it was akin in dimension to a contemporary African elephant. This small-headed sauropod, belonging to the plant-eating dinosaur group, left its mark on historical past not for its dimension however for its distinctive dental association.

What Kind of Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

Nigersaurus’ declare to fame lies in its dental peculiarities. “This dinosaur had 500 enamel,” says the College of Chicago’s Paul Sereno. Not like its sauropod counterparts, Nigersaurus possessed dental batteries – vertically stacked columns of replaceable enamel. These columns, packed like canned sardines, allowed the dinosaur to comfortably home over 500 enamel in its mouth.

The orientation of Nigersaurus’ enamel was a novel function. All of the tooth columns in its dental batteries have been lined up on the entrance of its mouth, alongside the muzzle’s gently curved periphery. This peculiar association hints on the dinosaur’s feeding habits. Regardless of its quick neck, Nigersaurus probably fed at floor degree, resembling the grazing conduct of a cow.

Nigersaurus’ extensive muzzle, likened to a vacuum cleaner by Sereno, was completely designed for ground-level feeding. Named after the Republic of Niger the place its fossils have been found, this dinosaur roamed a panorama lined with forests and braided rivers, maintaining a watch out for the colossal Sarcosuchus, a relative of trendy crocodiles.

Fixed Dental Upkeep

With its penchant for ground-level vegetation, Nigersaurus will need to have confronted appreciable put on and tear on its dental well being. Luckily, a examine revealed in PLOS One in 2013 reveals that Nigersaurus probably changed every tooth each 14 days, making certain a continuing provide of contemporary substitute enamel.

What Kind Of Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth
What Kind Of Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth

Nigersaurus remained underneath the radar for many years after the primary fossils have been found within the Nineteen Fifties. The fragility of its bone construction and the remoted nature of the fossils initially left scientists with incomplete info.

It wasn’t till 1997 that Sereno’s discipline workforce uncovered sufficient materials to reconstruct 80% of the dinosaur’s skeleton, revealing the intricate dental batteries and the vacuum cleaner-like mouth.

Featherweight Cranium and Ethereal Vertebrae

Nigersaurus introduced additional oddities past its dental marvels. A 2007 examine led by Sereno described that its cranium had a “featherweight” construction, with some bones measuring underneath 0.08 inches thick. Furthermore, its vertebrae took the idea of hole bones to the intense, containing extra air than bone, very similar to at the moment’s birds.

Nigersaurus, with its 500 enamel and distinctive dental batteries, provides an enchanting chapter to the dinosaurian chronicles. Unraveling the mysteries of this small-sized sauropod not solely sheds gentle on its distinctive options but additionally emphasizes the variety inside the dinosaur kingdom.